A Call for the Immediate Resignation of Representative Will Dismukes (R-Millbrook)

A Call for the Immediate Resignation of Representative Will Dismukes (R-Millbrook)

Mobile, AL—Had a great time at Fort Dixie speaking and giving the invocation for Nathan Bedford Forrest annual birthday celebration. Always a great time and some sure enough good eating!

As the world was mourning the loss of a great civil rights leader, staunch supporter of racial justice and esteemed member of our United States Congress, The Honorable John Lewis, these were the words not so eloquently written in Representative Will Dismukes’ Facebook post. Representative Dismukes attended the birthday celebration of the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan—a Confederate general who played a key role in the massacre of over 300 black soldiers at Fort Pillow—a person by the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Just by the written words of Rep. Dismukes, one can easily surmise that this is an event he has attended before and is proud to be in the midst of other celebrants glamourizing a person who harbored despicable intent for a whole race of people—fellow human beings. Rep. Dismukes’ blatant lack of compassion for blacks and blatant lack of judgement is appalling at best. How can one take an oath to govern impartially for a diverse constituency when it is clear, that there is a darkness in his very soul that will not allow him to endeavor to such a noble calling?

Racism at its core—whether overt or covert, once the ugly head has been raised, must be properly and swiftly addressed. Rep. Dismukes has shown derelict in his duty as a servant leader of the people of Millbrook, Alabama, his colleagues in the Alabama House of Representatives and the people of Alabama. We cannot tolerate this disdainful behavior from anyone, especially our elected officials. The swift, but necessary action to be taken should be immediate resignation by Rep. Dismukes. He has proven his inability to lead the people of his district and should therefore be relieved of this honor. To idly stand by and allow this travesty puts a stamp of approval on the perpetual system of racism that has existed far too long…People, it is time to eradicate hate regardless of its shape, form, or size. #EradicateHate

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